Evergreen Interiors is a locally owned family business, supplying quality indoor plants to the Mackay community for many years.


Located just 15 minutes from Mackay, we are able to service the businesses of the Mackay area affordably and efficiently.

Brighten your office, improve air quality and staff wellbeing in one easy step.


Lush, healthy plants from Evergreen Interiors indoor plant hire service.


Installing indoor plants is a cost effective method of providing an attractive healthy workplace, improving personnel wellbeing and business profitability. The plants will look fantastic while removing harmful toxins and reducing carbon dioxide levels in office air.


Stress levels will be reduced creating a more pleasant and productive work environment.


Kentia Palm
(Howea fosteriana)


An elegant, graceful palm for function rooms, offices, almost anywhere.

Evergreen Interiors has an independent water supply that we utilised efficiently and conservatively, for a better environment.


Our nursery enables us to hold ample quantities of plants all year round so we can meet your needs with out delay.



Choose from Evergreen Interiors lush palms, tropical foliage and contemporary containers to lift
the ambience of your environment.


Happy Plant
(Dracaena fragrans massangeana) Happy Plant


Lush foliage, a versatile plant for formal and informal areas.




Our service allows you to remain
focussed on your business.


  • Free site consultations
  • Expert advice on design and plant species
  • An extensive choice of containers
  • Speedy installation
  • Regular servicing to ensure your plants always look fantastic.


Healthy living plants remove toxins, fake plants produce them.

Latest research showed 3 large plants reduced VOCs by 50-70% in an average office space (10-12square metres).





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Members of the National Interior Plantscape Association