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Artificial vs Real Living Plants

At first glance, artificial plants might seem to be an easy solution to green indoor spaces, but the devil is in the detail.

The green interior trend is on the up and up, and there is plenty of scientific evidence to show that simply glancing at plants boosts productivity in an office environment.

Artificial plants don’t require watering, feeding, or light, so might it be easier to use them instead of the natural alternative. Nowadays they are designed, shaped, and painted to look like the real thing. Faux shrubs and flowers are durable and often water-resistant, and they aren’t subject to seasonal changes, disease, or pest damage. The perceive ed benefit of artificial plants is that they are low-maintenance and hassle-free while living plants require care, attention, and adequate light.

Artificial plants are notoriously difficult to clean and often become collectors of dust, cobwebs, and allergens. Materials such as plastic, paper, and wire used in the manufacture of faux plants are the result of industrial processes that pollute the natural environment and become a toxic fire hazard. Even when they are just sitting in your home or office, artificial plants can emit pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air you breathe.

Natural living plants have none of these drawbacks. They purify and cleanse the air by removing dust, mold spores, and VOCs. This is particularly important in air-conditioned buildings. Plants are more efficient at cleaning the air than air-conditioner filters and rather than recycling the same air, plants transpire to re-oxygenate indoor spacer. Indoor environments featuring healthy living plants are resistant to sick building syndrome. Natural plants are naturally good.

Nothing beats the natural green foliage of a living plant to brighten up a space. Research has shown that introducing plants to the office can lower feelings of tension and anxiety, while another study concluded that the performance of students improved when living plants were brought into the classroom. The presence of plants in hospitals has been shown to speed patient recovery times. Hiring indoor plants from Evergreen Interiors makes having real plants easy. We will do all the hard work – from helping you select the right plants and containers for your space, to regular maintenance and watering.
If you’re looking to take your space to the next level by adding some indoor greenery, keep it natural and reap the benefits.

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